By Words and Deeds

Close to 50 families will receive Thanksgiving Day gifts from House of Bread Church. Multiple ministries of House of Bread Church in Sacramento have united in order to bring gifts to needy families for Thanksgiving Day. The administration department of the church and sponsors donated finances, sisters from Women’s Ministry have volunteered to buy necessary produce with the funds, students from ‘Kids with Purpose’ are set to attractively arrange the packages, and the youth of 1825 College Age Ministry will deliver them to homes.
“The busiest day will be Saturday November 19 th ,” says the head of the Chrildren’s Ministry Oksana Kvaterchuk, “at 10 AM we will be arranging gifts, and the biggest part of these packages is the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey.” That same day, Eduard Kislyanka and a team of college students will begin delivering the packages. The recipients—visitors and members of House of Bread Church, as well as low income families who are recent immigrants to the U.S; this comes out to 50 families.

This Thanksgiving Day outreach will not be a single occurrence. Kids with Purpose has got many activities already planned for the next six months. These include visiting retirement homes, park clean-ups, serving at local food banks, handing out food and clothing to the homeless in downtown Sacramento, and much more.

Alex Borovskikh