Presents - At Every House!

The Women’s Ministry office at House of Bread Church has temporarily become a warehouse, but Shanna Shevchenko, the ministry leader, and her fellow team members are not upset about it. These women, together with their sisters who work within the Pearl Ministry, have gathered presents for widows, single mothers, and their children. By Christmas, the holiday spirit will be delivered to the 55 families that make up their list. For the youngest, toys have been purchased and festively wrapped. Teens and youth be given sweets and gift cards, while mothers will receive monetary prizes (the amount depends on the number of children within the family). The sisters of the Women’s Ministry will be delivering the Christmas gifts, receiving help from home group volunteers where necessary.

The most important task—to make it in time for Christmas. Purchasing, wrapping, and delivering Christmas presents for widows, single parents, and their children is now a tradition for the church, says Shanna Shevchenko. Despite the busyness of the season, there are many people who want to help and deliver these gifts to each address: “This inspires. It brings great happiness to see the joy of children and tears of gratitude from their mothers. We understand that in the days leading up to Christmas, it is twice as hard for them—there is no father, the head of the family, who could take care of these things. A part of this responsibility the church takes on itself.
We’re happy to bring with us the joy of Christmas, and become witnesses of the small and large miracles which God does in hearts during these festive days.”

Alex Borovskikh