School. To Find and Make Safe

After next news from Washington or California Capitol, parents begin to search the web to make sure that their children are not in danger. Innovations in the course of sexual education, stricter requirements for vaccinations, search of financial support for students, changing the educational and criminal institutions ranking in the school district – it is not a complete list of topics that need serious consideration.

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, the special workshops where experts will tell fathers and mothers legislative and educational innovations, will be held in the “House of Bread” church. A separate topic will be focused on how parents can influence the policies of public schools, or what criterias define safe and effective school.

Among the experts – people, who are respected in the Slavic community: Ph.D., a specialist in working with parents «Community Outreach Academy», novelist, writer, preacher – Ivan Leshchuk, director of the Christian school, music teacher, director of the chamber choir “Oasis” – Angela Dyadchenko and also an experienced teacher and head of the organizing committee for the creation of a private Christian school at the “House of Bread” church – Taras Marchak. “We see, that the problem of modern public schools – is an unhealthy climate in many educational institutions”, – the teachers state. There many reasons for this. Taras Marchak named one of the most important – is the exception of the training function of the educational process: “We believe that fulfilling children with knowledge, without inculcating moral values ​- just dangerous for them. We would like to create a school, where the children will be safe and comfortable to grow academically, spiritually and physically. “

Participants will be able to ask experts questions, learn about tax deductions and financial benefits of families, who invest in children’s education, obtain information about educational services and legal aspects of the modern school in America.

Seminars will be held on October 1 from 10 am to 2 pm in the “House of Bread” church at:
6521 Hazel Ave, Orangevale, CA 95662. If you want to get answers to specific questions, you can send them in advance by
Phone: (916) 344-9378

Alex Borovskikh